Flavour Explosions

Collaborating with talented chefs and creative foodies we bring you a flavour extravaganza as we match wines and other beverages to taste. Or take you on a masterclass of flavour just using wine.

We offer wine masterclasses alongside food so you can explore unique wines before or during a special dinner. Prepare to really treat your taste buds!

Flavour is everything to SipSoc and we know where to go to find chefs to come to you. Or for you to go to them. Or to recommend something that you can cook. All of which will be paired with the best wines to take you on the ultimate taste adventure.


GOLDEN ARTICHOKE.  Collaborations with this fantastic supper club in Hackney with a different theme each time. Keep an eye on the newsletter!

BYOB. We have made a golden list of the best 'Bring your Own' restaurants in London and know exactly how to advise on the best wines, bring them with us and watch your #tasteface glow.