Seasonal experiments

Never panic again over which wines to serve at the next seasonal feast. Whether it’s the ham and chocolate at Easter or the turkey at Christmas, SipSoc will guide you through the maze of wines on offer to deliver your very own tailored menu on the day.

Unless you share the same palate or have tried the wine before, there’s not much point following what wine journalists have to say. Better to take matters into your own wine glass and figure out what the best option is each season so that you can pair food with your palate and food choices and let the wine journos hunt the good deals.


EASTER. Wine and chocolate- that's an easy match, right? Wrong. And that's before you think about the ham or the lamb.

WORLD MALBEC DAY. It's a popular grape so a popular tasting. But do you know how different they can all taste? And which ones your favourites are.


Feel free to request any of our workshops at anytime. It doesn't have to be the right time of year. Who said there was a right time of year anyway?