Social Sips

Tastings and events for those who have already caught the wine bug, may have studied a bit already and just want to enjoy some experimentation in a laid back, social setting.


Sip to the Beat

Would it blow your mind that the taste and flavour of wines change depending on what music is on? Yes, most people are pretty sceptical. And we admit before we started our own experiments and brainstorming we didn't know how it would pan out.

This is now one of our favourite workshops. Oh, the look of surprise on our Sipologist's faces! 

Interesting wines, multiple tunes and a chance to test your favourite beats.

Dates with a difference

We could have called this Speed Sipping for Singles but that would be a terrible name. We know the dating scene can be tough. So why not take the pressure off potentially meeting your match by coming along to a laid back evening where you can find out more about wine and meet other singles?  You may meet the partner of your dreams. You may not. What we can promise is you will definitely find wine that is most suited to you and have a great evening regardless.

Gadgets and Glassware

There are so many gadgets on the market. Let alone the choice of glassware which can be £££'s. Do they really work? We explore all the mod-cons whilst tasting some delicious wines (of course!) And we test the traditions too such as decanting wines so we feel like we're a bit more in the know.

Any of these workshops can be made into a bespoke wine tasting for you and your friends. Get in touch to see how we can make an event for you or check out other classes we offer throughout the year.