SipSoc Classes & Courses

Everyone’s palate is unique. SipSoc classes involve two hour experiments so you can discover your own wine preferences. We want you to feel like you are getting the most out of your own decisions regardless of where you are or the choices you have to make.


Pick a class from the list below. The workshops form a course for you to build your own SipSoc journey, tasting at least seven wines in each session.


Take a fresh look at grape varieties you may recognise and drink regularly and learn what differentiates them. This will allow you to discover the reasons you like them, which food group they suit and what to buy in future for any occasion. Going backwards is sometimes the fastest way to move forward.

This class is suitable for everyone who missed out on the all important basics of wine. There are a few facts that make it really easy to simplify wine, so we re-evaluate red, white and rose so you’ll never feel lost again.                                   

Discover your palate

Are you a supertaster? And is this even a good thing? As we’re all so different and enjoy a vast range of styles, the best place to start understanding wine is with you.

We start with our tasting workout to stretch your flavour sensitivities and then discover what wines you like, why you like them and how your palate differs to the person next to you.

Once you’ve discovered your palate, you’ll have the confidence to develop your wine choices based on your own individual palate and how to match those wines with food.

Mixing flavours

This class is all about understanding how food groups affect your taste buds and how they can completely transform a wine.

Through a series of fun experiments involving mixing tastes, you’ll learn how to navigate your way round a wine list and how to manipulate food and wine pairings so your tasteface is always a good one.

What’s your tasteface?


We love bubbles. But with so many options out there, how do you know you’re getting the right style for your palate and occasion?
Delving into the world of sparkling wines, we explore the various options out there so that you know when you’re picking up a bargain and what’s the best thing for your palate. 


This can be booked as a full course or individually. We always advise you start from the beginning even if you think you know a thing or two as it may just clear up a few misconceptions, otherwise pick the class that suits what you want to test.

From SipSoc novice to Seasoned Sipologist:

Grape Times

Determining DNA


Wine Captain

Hot knowledge

Bubbly graduation

Social Sips

Tastings and events for those who have already caught the wine bug, may have studied a bit already and just want to enjoy some experimentation in a laid back, social setting.


Sip to the Beat

Would it blow your mind that the taste and flavour of wines change depending on what music is on? Yes, most people are pretty sceptical. And we admit before we started our own experiments and brainstorming we didn't know how it would pan out.

This is now one of our favourite workshops. Oh, the look of surprise on our Sipologist's faces! 

Interesting wines, multiple tunes and a chance to test your favourite beats.

Seasonal Experiments

Never panic again over which wines to serve at the next seasonal feast. Whether it’s the ham and chocolate at Easter or the turkey at Christmas, SipSoc will guide you through the maze of wines on offer to deliver your very own tailored menu on the day.

Unless you share the same palate or have tried the wine before, there’s not much point following what wine journalists have to say. Better to take matters into your own wine glass and figure out what the best option is each season so that you can pair food with your palate and food choices and let the wine journos hunt the good deals.


EASTER. Wine and chocolate- that's an easy match, right? Wrong. And that's before you think about the ham or the lamb.

WORLD MALBEC DAY. It's a popular grape so a popular tasting. But do you know how different they can all taste? And which ones your favourites are.


Feel free to request any of our workshops at anytime. It doesn't have to be the right time of year. Who said there was a right time of year anyway? 

Flavour Explosions

Collaborating with talented chefs and creative foodies we bring you a flavour extravaganza as we match wines and other beverages to taste. Or take you on a masterclass of flavour just using wine.

We offer wine masterclasses alongside food so you can explore unique wines before or during a special dinner. Prepare to really treat your taste buds!

Flavour is everything to SipSoc and we know where to go to find chefs to come to you. Or for you to go to them. Or to recommend something that you can cook. All of which will be paired with the best wines to take you on the ultimate taste adventure.


GOLDEN ARTICHOKE.  Collaborations with this fantastic supper club in Hackney with a different theme each time. Keep an eye on the newsletter!

BYOB. We have made a golden list of the best 'Bring your Own' restaurants in London and know exactly how to advise on the best wines, bring them with us and watch your #tasteface glow.

SUPRA! A colourful night of food, wine & music from Georgia. Four very special Georgian wines to enjoy with a four course dinner. There were welcome cocktails, canapés and of course, in keeping with the Supra tradition, many toasts!



Watch this space!

Any of these classes can be made into a bespoke workshop for you and your friends. Get in touch to see how we can make a tasting work for you or join a group on a date of your choice.
Our original tastings are suitable for businesses too as we incorporate team building, strengthen relationships and offer many other personalised objectives.