Virtual and online options

Over the last few months we have been offering our Sipologists both corporate and private online tastings. We have a few options we can now offer that are incredibly popular.


This SipSoc experiment allows you to open any bottle(s) of your choice and share your experience of it with the others online. Or alternatively choose to receive six small sample bottles and some other surprises through the post for you to compare and contrast together. We go through how to taste and where they sit within the world of wine, using the ReWined infographics shared on screen. Themes can be applied to narrow any learning goals to the colour, country or grape showing just how different wines can be and which ones you should be buying in future.



Take a questionnaire and receive some recommendations of wines to buy or samples sent to you for the tasting. Based on our TasteBuddies event, we delve into the wines together and you can try some new flavours and grape varieties working out which tastes and flavours work for you and how to feel more confident trying new options. This one really inspires you to try buying wines you may have not even noticed properly before.


Battle Of The Bubbles

Time to crack the bubbles open and work through our Sparkling SipSoc infographics. Showing you the difference between their tastes and production methods you can be much more informed about all the options available to you when you next want to pop one open yourselves and decide what works for you.

Prices start at £15 per device- get in touch with us to discuss your options for your SipSoc experience. As our reviews say- you won't regret it!